Playbook and Game Plan Sharing

When you’ve got the hang of play creation, it’s time to prepare for game day! With the playbook sharing features, you can easily create, share and collaborate with your entire team without sending a bunch emails and printing paper playbooks. In summary, XO Wizards offer extremely granular sharing options for your team. Let’s dive in to learn first about the basics. Then we are going to create a game plan and share it with our coaching staff!

Playbook Sharing Basics
Playbook sharing is one of the cornerstones when working with your playbooks, game plans, practices, and installs. Leverage it correctly and you will see instant improvements in your workflow efficiency and save hours every week. By default, all new playbooks you create are private and only you can access that playbook and the plays you add. When you’re ready, it’s super-simple to share a playbook to individual team members – coaches and players, or create groups and share only to them, or share instantly with your entire team.

How to Share a Game Plan
Let’s say you and your coaches are preparing the game plan for next Friday. Start out by creating a playbook with the type “Game Plan”. By default, this game plan is now private only to you. The same goes if you copy an old game plan. Copying a previous playbook resets all share settings to default, which is “Private”. As you can see in the screenshot below, this playbook is set to “Private” and only I can access it and see it in XO Wizard.

Private sharing settings
Private sharing settings


Now, if you want to share a playbook with more than a couple of users, sharing to groups is the way to go. Group sharing makes sharing your playbook even more convenient and saves you a bunch of time. All sharing is done in real-time and you can easily toggle sharing on and off at any time.

If you haven’t created groups for your team members, create a group by going to “Groups” and clicking “New Group”. Create your group, for instance, “Defensive Coaches” and then you can add as many coaches you want to a group.
Then, when you want to share a playbook with that group, go to your playbook, click the  Share tab, and then “Groups & Members” to share this playbook to selected groups. And when new coaches are added to that group they will automatically have access to playbooks you have shared with that group. This means your coaching staff can collaborate privately with your game plans during your preparation phase.
Group sharing a game plan
Group sharing a game plan
When your game plan is ready, you can choose to share the game plan with the entire team by clicking the button “Entire Team”. All members of that group will be notified in their activity feed the next time they log in. If new members are added to this group, they will automatically have access to this playbook, see screenshot below.
Notifications for groups and game plans
Duplicate Game Plan to Scaffold Practices and Installs

So now your game plan is in place. By using a few clicks you can take that game plan and create your practices for the game week. You do that by duplicating your existing playbook/gameplan. Go to the Playbook Overview page, then click the settings icon on the game plan you want to duplicate and then select “Copy Playbook”. A new playbook is now created, which contains all plays from your previously created game plan. Rename the playbook, for instance, to “Practice 1”. Then you can choose to edit which plays should be run in that practice; remember all plays from your game plan will be present so you don’t have to re-add anything, just make smaller adjustments. And if you want your players to be prepared for practice, share this entire practice playbook with them so they can study before they show up on the field.

Exporting Playbooks

Want to share a paper draft of your playbook for your coaching staff to scribble on or people outside of your team to get a copy without inviting them to your team? Go to one of your playbooks, click the button “Export” and choose “Export as PDF” in the drop-down. These features are available only for coaches/admins.

What’s next?
Now that you got playbook sharing down pat, you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to working with your base playbooks, practices, and installations. Questions or feedback? Just email me or comment below.

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