Link Blitz – March 14

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Stanford Pin ‘n’ Pull
Coach Brett Dudley, OC at Antioch HS, takes a look at Stanford’s Pin n Pull, an outside zone concept, where the TE is the key.
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Coach Dudley’s Stanford Series
Get more from coach Brett Dudley’s awesome Stanford series here.

Matthew Brophy
How We Coach with coach Matthew Brophy

Not to toot our own horn too much (toot!), but we had a great time interviewing coach Brophy, from Cripes! Get Back to Fundamentals. Stay tuned for this week’s #HowWeCoach coming on Wednesday.
How We Coach with coach Brophy

Turning Around a Program
Coach Vint shares how they took an inner city program that had lost 27 games in a row and had never been to the playoff and turned them into a championship contender every year.


Counter, Counter, Counter, Counter, and more Counter
Another detailed breakdown from coach Dudley, looking at counter from the spread – GT.

3 Pre-Snap Options for the Gun Double Wing
Michael Harrison, Head Coach at Wilde Lake High School, looks how they work to get their quarterback to remain a running threat to the opposing defenses and not just be employed as a lead blocker as they had done in the past with the traditional double wing.

Turning “Double Screens” into Explosive Plays
Doug Socha from Oxbridge Academy shares how they utilized double screens with a fast side (bubble) and slow side (sidewalk).

Using Shotgun To Improve Your Belly And Belly Option Series
Coach Brankin, Offensive Coordinator, Highland High School in Highland (IND), discusses that if you’re in a shotgun formation, Belly AND Belly Option should be base plays that allow you to attack defenses when the numbers are even.

Counter Gap Concepts from Auburn’s Slant Formation
Mike K Kuchar provides an extensive article on a special report from their “Spread Gap Schemes Study”.

Traditional Wing-T Game Planning
Chris Brooks from shares Don Smoyln’s Traditional Wing-T Game Planning from the National Wing-T Clinic
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